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Converse Indiana Tree

Carmel Well

Mission Light House

Links Golf Course

A Walk on the Beach Ft Zach

Bestie Bay Light House

Bottle House Cigar Box

Bub's in Carmel

Blue Bike

Conch House with Red Bush

Cathedral on Duval

Conch House on Easter Morning

Conch House on Angela

Conch on Southard

House with Arch

Edinburgh Dam

Ft Zach Beach Palm

Fortville IN House

Frankfort MI Harbor

Ft Benjamin Harrison

Caso Mayo


Ft Zach Snack

Happy Shack

Hemingway House 2

Conch House Cigar Box

Conch House 3

Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea

Key West Light House

Little White House (Permanent Collection at L.W.H. Museum)

Lunch at the Beach

Monon Trail Quick Draw

Oakland Golf Course

Old Town Bakery

Red Barn Theater

Rose's House

The Strand

Winery on the Peninsula

Night Walk on Duval

Ft Zach 2014 9 X 12 Oil Masonite Board

Grinnell House 9 X 12 Oil Masonite Board

Windsor House 9 x 12 Oil Masonite Board

Southern Most Point Hotel 11 X 14 Oil on Masonite

Cabin at Telluride Oil on Canvas

Boat House at Hog Fish Marina 12' X 12" Acrylic on Board (Framed)

Bottle House at Cemetery 12" X 12" Acrylic on Board (Framed)

Meadows House 8 X 10 oil on Canvas Board (Framed)

Flemming House 11 X 14 Oil on Canvas Board (Framed)

Ft Zachery 8 X 10 Oil on Canvas Board (Framed)

Sandy's Cafe 8 X 10 Oil on Canvas Board (Framed)

Smather's Beach Scene 8 X 10 Oil on Canvas (Framed)

Smather's Beach Palms 8 X 10 Oil on Canvas Board (Framed)

Key West Model A 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas (Framed)

Point Betsie Light House

Blue Truck Oil on Canvas 16 X 20 (Framed)


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